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Oxygen Jet Peel oxygen concentrator beauty equipment

Oxygen Jet Peel oxygen concentrator beauty equipment
Product Detailed

Oxygen Jet Peel oxygen concentrator equipment
1.Oxygen jet inject
2.Oxygen spurt/inhale
3.Vacuum lift
4.Oxygen jet Peel


Oxygen Jet Peel oxygen concentrator beauty equipment


1.Oxygen jet inject
2.Oxygen spurt/inhale
3.Vacuum lift
4Oxygen jet Peel Beauty Machine 


The machine adopts the advanced transformation adsorption theory and separates the pure axenic oxygen with high density from the air under normal temperature. It solves the anoxic problem completely by oxygen breath, oxygen injection and atomizes oxygen spray. The oxygen injection treatment uses the pure oxygen to inject active product into the skin’s bottom through injection tools with certain pressure and transfer pure oxygen into the deep-seated skin by pulse drive method.
Oxygen treatment is regarded as a versatile beauty treatment technique used wide and far in resent 10 years. Not only in iatrology history but also in beauty history, oxygen treatment made great contribution and was popular in all circles. In the field of iatrology research, the treatment has reached the painless state beyond the limit of micro-wound. The painless technique injected the bacterin or insulin into the body and absorbed by blood vessel. However, it’s not an applied method for skin care or beauty using.
Pure Oxygen Injection System provides the painless treatment which makes use of oxygen to inject special active elements deep into the skin, such as oxygen serum and so on. These special active elements can reach the interspace between the scarfskin cells and make positive effects.
2. Importance of Oxygen to Human

Pure Oxygen Injection System is able to inject 98% pure oxygen and active nutrition into the skin bottom by 2BAR pressure, which can accelerate the cell’s metabolism and smoothen the skin to be in the bloom of youth.
In ancient ages, the oxygen content in the air is 38% to 50%.At the beginning of 18 century; the percentage fell to 30%. In the 20 century, the rate even fell to 23%. Up to now, the rate is less than 20%, which broke the minimum.
Healthy skin needs enough nutrition, but the air pollution gets more and more serious. As the oxygen content in the atmosphere is falling constantly, the lack of oxygen in the skin leads a lot of problem: oxygen lack in the skin, metabolism slows down, sensitive skin, sallow complexion, black spot, wrinkles and skin aging. Meanwhile, it will destroy the balance of lipid excreting and darken the skin. The research points that active elements and oxygen’s movement can go beyond the interspace between cells and refresh the outer circulatory system for rebirth skin.
Oxygen and human’s body are closely linked together. What caused our sickish body is the lack of oxygen in atmosphere, busy city life, long time facing to the computer, dry air office, lack of aerobics and bad eating habits. The researches show that we should breathe at least 1.44 gallon oxygen to keep the growth and rebirth of the 60 million cells in human’s body.
3. Working Theory

Using high pressure separate technique, it can make 98% pure oxygen from the air by ionization. Cooperate with special designed spray orifice, spray gun and mask, pure oxygen can be injected into the creasy and dry parts of the skin by oxygen injection, oxygen spray and oxygen smelling. In this way, it can make skin absorb oxygen fleetly; improve the cell’s activity and metabolism and other unexpected effects. 

4.1,Absorb treatment:

With concentrated activated distillate, pure oxygen massage can cure various pruritus, skin allergy, neurodermatitis, allergic dermatitis, eczema, sore skin and sunlight symptom;
4.2,Injection treatment:


By hypospray injection , it can inject the pure oxygen and beauty products into the cuticular bottom to intensify cell and its resistibility. What’s more, it can expel rubbish easily; improve metabolism and many skin problems caused by lack of oxygen.

4.3,Smelling treatment:

Put on the mask and make effects with 98% oxygen and aromatic distillate as following:

A, Breath system——nasosinusitis, faucitis, cold, etc;

B. Nervous system——neurasthenic, insomnia, migraine, etc;

C. Blood——leucopenia;

D. Digestive system——constipation, stomach disorders;

E. Metabolism & Incretion——diabetes, climacteric syndrome, menoxenia, dysmenorrheal, improve wound healing, metabolism and immunity, regulation of endocrine

F. Skin——various skin problems, eventual senility, improve blood circulation and metabolism, frap skin, dispel wrinkle and splash, whiten skin, balance lipin’s excreting and improve sensitive skin
J, Have a rest after 15 minute oxygen smelling.





5. To Whom is Suitable:

Pure Oxygen System is especially suitable to the smoking women or women with problems skin. It can improve blood circulation and metabolism; improve the sensitive skin to the best state.
You will feel healthy and easy of your skin. The effect will be better if you treat with our company’s distillate.


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